• Cinematic video, what is it?

    A cinematic wedding video is how I shoot your video, edit it with a storyline, add songs, and color grade the video to make it look like a movie and stand out from regular wedding videos.
  • What equipment do you use?

    I use full HD cameras and edit on a professional computerized system. By using such light-weight equipment I can be as flexible as possible. I also use high-quality wireless microphones and audio recorders to guarantee you the best sound.
  • What wedding packages do you offer?

    I have a few packages from $3600 to $5200. If you want something else to add to the package list, just let me know and we will talk about it. I will take into account all your ideas.
  • Do you have a discount for weddings other than on Sunday?

    I sometimes offer some extra free copies of your wedding video or complementary coverage time for your special events on days other than Sunday. Give me a call and we will discuss it.
  • Where do you go to weddings?

    I'm based in New York, but I can travel all over the USA at nearly no extra charge for travel. For interstate arrangement don't hesitate to contact me.
  • What if I don’t want something in the package?

    I am committed to making videos which meet all the clients' needs. Ask me about changing something in the package. I am open to your creative ideas. I do my best to make you a video that you will enjoy throughout your life.